Lil Wayne And N.O.R.E.'s First Meeting Was Over A Seriously Meaty Pizza

'They ordered the most pork on pizza I've ever seen in my life,' P.A.P.I. laughs to MTV News of Cash Money back in 1999.

N.O.R.E. may fancy himself a Superthug, but the Queens, New York, MC is actually a likable guy, and for his latest album Student of the Game, Jose Luis called in favors from all his musical friends.

His relationship with SOTG collaborator Lil Wayne, for instance, goes back a ways. Back in August 1999, before Weezy was known to guest on many tracks outside his Cash Money camp, Noreaga invited Wayne to appear on "Play That Sh--," a song that appeared on N.O.R.E's sophomore LP. Melvin Flynt--Da Hustler. Originally, N.O.R.E. was looking to only work with former Cash Money star Juvenile, who at the time was riding high off of his breakout single "Ha," but Birdman suggested something different.

"When he flew into New York, he was like, 'Say, playboy ... you want the whole crew?' " N.O.R.E. recalled to MTV News using his best Birdman impersonation. "Nobody knew who Lil Wayne was, and not only that I put him first," N.O.R.E. continued, pointing out that Weezy's verse opens "Play That Sh--." "He just took that as respect."

According to Noreaga, Birdman decided not to charge the C-N-N rapper for the 1999 feature. He also curiously remembers the crew's eating habits. "They were rich back then, too, and they also ordered the most pork on pizza I've ever seen in my life," he said, laughing. "These guys ordered ham, bacon, meatballs. They ordered sh-- I didn't even know you could put on pizza."

N.O.R.E., who is using the alias P.A.P.I. on Student of the Game, has maintained a tight relationship with the Cash Money camp, so getting the now-multiplatinum Wayne to jump on the LP was pretty simple. Tunechi provides the hook for "She Tried," a hilarious tale of a sexual encounter gone wrong.

If N.O.'s memory serves him correctly, he was the first New York rapper to record a feature with Weezy, though fellow Queens MC Cormega released "Who Can I Trust" with Wayne just two weeks before Melvin Flynt dropped in stores. "I can't actually tell you that I had it before Mega or after Mega, but I know that I had something to do with that alliance, especially with Chris Lighty," N.O.R.E. said, pointing out that both he and Cormega shared the late Lighty as a manager. "Now if you ask me, I'm gonna tell you I had it first, but I could be wrong."

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