Fall Out Boy Launch 'Version 2.0' With Save Rock And Roll

'We may not be wiser, but we're certainly more fearless,' Pete Wentz says of FOB's new album.

Fall Out Boy took a fairly, uh, non-traditional route to their brand-new Save Rock And Roll album, in that they spent nearly four years on hiatus before releasing it on Tuesday.

But ever since they announced their triumphant return in February, they seem determined to make up for lost time, launching a comeback tour, dropping a pair of eye-catching music videos, and even taking a moment to reflect on just how far they've come in the years since they nearly split.

In fact, there's been so much happening in FOB land that it's getting difficult for Pete Wentz to keep track of everything; in fact, it's reminding him a whole lot of Westeros these days.

"What a strange ride this one has been. Kind of like 'Game of Thrones' — stick with me — in the way that way too much has happened to really keep track of and your favorite characters keep getting killed off," he wrote in an email to MTV News. "Thinking of us in the van years ago tearing out of Wilmette, Illinois is insane. I can't believe the world ever gave us a chance in the first place."

And yet, not only did the world give them one chance, but, as the early reaction to Save Rock And Roll has shown, FOB have already earned a second. And as Wentz put it, they're determined to make the most of it.

"Fall Out Boy version 2.0 may not be wiser or stronger," he wrote, "but we're certainly more fearless."

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