Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Break Out Camels, Dogsleds For 'Can't Hold Us' Video

'We shot it on six different continents,' Macklemore says of the duo's epic new vid, which premieres Wednesday.

By their own admission, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis never dreamed they'd have a hit the size of "Thrift Shop," which (as you're probably aware) has logged six weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 to date, and has sold more than four million copies.

So, when it came time to shoot the video for their follow-up single, "Can't Hold Us" — which, it should be noted, is already a Top 10 staple on the Hot 100 — well, they definitely decided to take advantage of their newfound clout.

"We shot it on six different continents," Macklemore told MTV News backstage at the MTV Movie Awards. "It's crazy. There's a camel. There's dogsledding. There are white people, black people, a frat party. We just went for it."

"This was over a 16-day music video shoot, which I've never heard of before," Lewis added. "It was a huge project; it was cut all over the place. We started cutting at South By Southwest, in a little hotel room, and we've been finishing it ever since, or trying to finish it. It's just been a massive project."

And after all that, the dynamic duo finally did finish the clip, and it will premiere Wednesday (April 17). And though their profile — and video budgets — may have grown, Macklemore & Lewis are remaining true to their roots, and decided to give their fans a sneak peak at the "Can't Hold Us" video at a Tuesday-night Pizza Party in Seattle.

"We decided to do something different a couple years ago, which was have pizza parties for the fans that have made us what are — an annual pizza party," Macklemore said. "And we were so busy towards the end of last year that it kind of extended into this year, and this year we are going to premiere the 'Can't Hold Us' music video for the fans, for the people that ride with us ... we fly some people out, we eat pizza, and we just have one of the best parties in the world. It's a good night."

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