'The Show With Vinny' Gives Glittery Glimpse At Wild New Show

'Jersey Shore' star Vinny Guadagnino invites us to drop by his Staten Island home and meet the family after MTV Movie Awards.

Here's an idea for a drinking game: Take a shot for every curse word uttered by Uncle Nino during "The Show With Vinny." We'd all be tipsy pretty soon, if Sunday's sneak peek after the 2013 MTV Movie Awards was any indication. The talk show where Vinny Guadagnino invites celebrities to his Staten Island home officially premieres May 2, but the preview offered a glimpse of the insanity to come.

"I'm very self-conscious, embarrassed and nervous to say the least," Vin said before his hosting gig at the Movie Awards Pre-Show.

It looks like Vinny had good reason. Who needs Seaside Heights when family can be just as fun? Tone deaf and crass, only a crazy uncle would be ballsy enough to tell tough guy Mark Wahlberg his new line of protein shakes smell like sh--. Beloved Uncle Nino, concerned mom Paola and other relatives were close by as Vinny tried to move beyond his "Jersey Shore" days and interview the biggest stars out.

"I'm so proud of you Vinny, but it's too cold," Paola said, nagging Vinny to wear a hat as he introduced his next guest. Sound like your mom, much? Poor Vinny could barely get a word in edgewise, but in the first episode he did manage to get through a hilarious interview with his "idol" Mark Wahlberg and "Pain & Gain" co-star Anthony Mackie.

Later on, Ke$ha came by the house for an intimate chat and a meeting she'll likely never forget. It started with Uncle Nino telling her to sit on his lap. And it ended with Nino pretty much naked, bathed in baby oil and glitter.

"Did he just call me Cashew? Oh my God, he is a dinosaur!" Ke$ha said. The term Vinny uses, however, is "fame-whore."

"It doesn't take much convincing for Uncle Nino to do anything crazy," Vin said. "You just tell him, 'Hey look a camera's on you, and you're gonna get on TV,' and he's like, 'Oh what the f---, I'll do whatever you want me to do!' So that's what happened."

But it wasn't all fun and games. The stars opened up to Vinny about some intimate details of their past. Mark talked about being in and out of correctional facilities as a kid, and Ke$ha discussed not knowing her father. Vinny credits the stars' openness to the fact that his show has a familial atmosphere that gets the stars to let down their guards.

"That's really the premise of my show," Vin said. "People don't come on the show and act all formally like they're sitting across from a desk. They just open up about everything and they don't care, they're totally comfortable, just like they're chillin'."

Though his family is a handful, what we learned in the sneak peek is that they are the heart of the show. Mackie and Wahlberg advised Vinny to stay home as long as he can.

"Wait 'til you meet a nice girl, and then make sure your mother approves," Mark said.

"The Show With Vinny" premieres Thursday, May 2 at 10 p.m. ET.

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