Psy's A 'Gentleman' In 'Gangnam Style' Follow-Up: Listen Now!

On Saturday, Psy's Seoul World Cup Stadium concert will be broadcast live on YouTube.

It's here, "Gangnam Style" fans! Psy's new single, "Gentleman," was intended to be released on Friday at midnight in more than 100 countries. But thanks to a little invention called the Internet, you can hear the song here now.

In a classic case of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," "Gentleman" is an electropop tune with plenty of drum machine action. While the upbeat tempo of "Gangnam Style" caused millions to get up and dance, the new song feels a little slower and less infectious. Its primary hook, "I'm a mother-father gentleman!" doesn't quite touch "Hey, sexy lady!" but it will likely make a great GIF or T-shirt slogan.

Though the lyrics are primarily in Korean, one can assume the term "Gentleman" is being used tongue in cheek. Among the few decipherable English lyrics are "Damn girl, you so freaking sexy," and at the bridge, "Gonna make you sweat/ Gonna make you wet/ You know who I am," which could also mean that the dance to accompany the song will be quite a workout.

Regarding the inevitable dance the world will soon learn, Psy said, "All Koreans know this dance — but [people in] other countries haven't seen it." We will get our chance on Saturday during Psy's live worldwide "happening," a YouTube-broadcast concert at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Billboard reports that Psy finished shooting the music video for "Gentleman" on Tuesday. After the YouTube concert, Psy will embark on an international tour. Break in your dancing shoes.

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