Bane Or Bond Baddie: Who's Best Villain At MTV Movie Awards?

Tom Hardy and Javier Bardem face off against a rogues gallery of bad guys at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards.

Considering how many epic heroes the movies had in the past year, logically there would have to be some badass villains to go up against. That probably explains why this year's competitors for Best Villain at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards are so strong.

Before we reveal the ultimate baddie of them all this Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET, take a quick look at our run down of this rogues gallery of Golden Popcorn hopefuls.

Javier Bardem in "Skyfall"

It made perfect sense on paper. Of course the man who won an Academy Award for playing the most ruthless psychopath in the last decade would make a spectacular Bond villain. What we didn't see coming was the strangeness and complexity that Javier Bardem brought to Silva. This wasn't your typical madman with a lair (though he did have one), explaining away his master plan so Bond could eventually foil it. Silva brought a level of menace — physical, mental and sexual — that 007 had never met in his 50-year history.

Leonardo DiCaprio in "Django Unchained"

As a leading man born out of the "Titanic" phenomenon, Leonardo DiCaprio more or less stuck to the noble roles of a celebrity heartthrob. It wasn't until teaming up with Quentin Tarantino that we finally got to see what DiCaprio could do as a bad guy, and boy, did he let us know. Calvin Candie seethed hatred and embodied every despicable aspect of one of the darkest periods in this country's history. For Django, it took a villain of an exceptionally high caliber to fashion a hero of his epic proportions, and that was Calvin Candie.

Marion Cotillard in "The Dark Knight Rises"

So maybe Marion Cotillard lied to MTV News' Josh Horowitz about being Talia al Ghul in "The Dark Knight Rises," and maybe we all saw it coming. But when Talia stuck the knife into Batman as he faced down Bane, we all felt it because it wasn't about the twist. Talia's revenge brought the story full-circle and allowed for Bruce Wayne to have his proper closure. So the next time you make fun of her slightly overdramatic death, just be thankful for the "Batman Begins" callbacks.

Tom Hardy in "The Dark Knight Rises"

If Talia was the mental and emotional villain of "The Dark Knight Rises," Tom Hardy's Bane was the physical. A hulking mass of muscle and respiratory headgear, Bane struck fear into the hearts of audience members and Gotham City. Not only did he break the Bat, Bane had one of the hardest jobs in film history: He played as the following act to a legendary screen performance, Heath Ledger's Joker.

Tom Hiddleston in "Marvel's The Avengers"

When your opposition is the greatest team of superheroes ever assembled, you better bring your A-game, and that's exactly what Tom Hiddleston did for his second turn as Loki, the god of mischief. And while we will give some props to Loki for the cleverness of his diabolical schemes, his greatest moment came when the Hulk smashed the crap out of him. Plus, no one else on this list started their own Internet subculture. Loki'd!