Kate Nash Awards: New York, Rio De Janeiro Win Big On Singer's List

MTV's Artist to Watch crowns the best cities for food, a beautiful sunset and a rockin' audience.

English singer/songwriter Kate Nash has been very busy since her music career took off in 2007, following the release of her debut album Made of Bricks, playing sold-out shows in several world tours. Now, MTV's Artist to Watch is back on tour with the newest music from her third album, Girl Talk, which she dropped earlier this month.

There's no doubt that someone who has seen the world so many times over would know the very best spots for food, nightlife and rowdy audiences. When MTV News caught up with Nash, she shared stories of her favorite touring experiences by unveiling the winners of the "Kate Nash Awards." The awards, by no means official, are the singer's picks for the best cities for certain aspects of touring. Check out the video to hear Nash's funny and charming stories behind each pick.

Without further ado, here is the full list of winners:

City with the Best Restaurants: Three-way tie, New York City, Los Angeles and London

"In New York, the Spotted Pig. I really love the Spotted Pig. And in L.A., I really love Masa. They do this amazing salad called the Manchego Salad. Tayyabs is this (Indian) place in London. It's so busy but the food is amazing."

City with the Best Venue: Pittsburgh

"I went to Pittsburgh the other day, to Millvale, Mr. Smalls Theater. It's this crazy church. There's just crazy windows and acoustics and stuff."

City with the Best Crowd to Perform For: Rio de Janeiro

"Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Just like all of Brazil. I had like, the craziest time in Brazil."

City with the Best Night Life: Berlin

"I'm going to say Berlin because it has cool, weird bars and clubs. It's a really cool night out."

City with the Best Sunset: Rio de Janeiro

"I'm going to say Rio de Janeiro again. This was the best sunset of my life. On Sugar Mountain we saw wild little monkeys running around. It was a pretty good night, let's just put it that way..."

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