'The Wolverine' Unleashes Its Latest Trailer

Hugh Jackman is back in the first full preview of his 'X-Men' spin-off.

Wolverine — or The Wolverine, as he seems to prefer now — has been missing from the silver screen since his less than auspicious spin-off in 2009. Since then, the mutant's biggest fan, Hugh Jackman, has assembled an effort to return the legendary X-Men member to his rightful place as a respectable superhero. The result is "The Wolverine," a darker and grittier look at the backstory of the self-healing mutant.

Through this week, director James Mangold ("Walk the Line," "3:10 to Yuma") has teased us with different, condensed forms of the first trailer, including a Vine and a 20-second teaser introduced by Jackman himself on MTV.com.

The first full trailer for "The Wolverine" paints a very different picture than anything we've seen in the previous "X-Men" films. Most noticeably, the main conflict takes place largely in Japan, a location that fans of the comics know as one steeped in Wolverine lore.

Once in Japan, Wolverine meets a man who owes him a debt. Apparently, during another World War II flashback, Wolverine saved the life of a Japanese soldier by shielding him from the heat blast of an atomic bomb. Now that the man is old and rich, he has the resources to hunt Wolverine down and give him what he deserves the most: a normal life, one that would eventually end.

Though mutation reversal is far from unheard of in the series, Wolverine insists that ending his life would be impossible. However, by the end of the trailer, he makes a startling realization: he isn't healing.

From there, the full-length trailer packed in the action, including a look at an extended sequence that takes place on top of bullet train and a cameo from Famke Janssen, as Wolverine's lost love Jean Grey.

Check out everything we've on "The Wolverine," in theaters July 26.