Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless Through Airport Security

'He's quite skinny, so I assume he was probably freezing,' an airport spokeswoman remarked of JB's Poland stop.

Justin Bieber might just be getting a handle on dealing with the paparazzi. On Monday night, he threw them a bone by not only walking through the Wladyslaw Reymont Airport — a big enough deal on its own for the pic-hungry photogs — but doing it shirtless. Never mind that multiple reports put the temperature at about 14 degrees in Lodz, Poland.

We're on to you, JB. An airport spokeswoman told Reuters the pop star didn't seem to have a reason to toss his shirt.

"He wasn't told to take off his clothes. He had no metal objects on him," she confirmed. "He's quite skinny, so I assume he was probably freezing."

Of course, the hard-working pop star had just come offstage where he would have worked up a sweat on the latest stop of the European leg of his Believe Tour. That might help explain his shirtless stroll through the airport, if not his sweat pants, which he wore sagging dangerously low, revealing nearly all of his white underwear. Apart from simply teasing his legions of Beliebers, it's hard to come up with any other explanation for why Bieber would need to strip down before boarding a private jet.

The Poland stop is just the latest in a series of shirtless Justin sightings on this tour, which rolls on to Germany this week and Russia the next. In London, shortly after kicking off the tour, Bieber scared the world when he was rushed to the hospital after collapsing onstage. But he let everyone know he was doing better the next day by tweeting an ab-tastic photo from his hospital bed.

Justin's perfect abs and assorted tats were on display as well in early March, when he hit London around his birthday. Olivia Wilde even scolded the singer on Twitter, writing, "Bieber, put your f---ing shirt on." Things didn't end well for the actress after that outburst, however.

Beliebers, perhaps unsurprisingly, don't seem to mind these shirtless escapades, and Justin seems amused by that. He recently posted, "Reading some of these replies. u guys are crazy. haha. #Ilovemybeliebers #keepsmiling

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