Kate Nash May Kick Your Mom In The Face, Live In NYC

Nash's Wednesday night NYC show will be streamed live on MTV Hive as part of our Live in NYC series.

Kate Nash is bringing her Girl Gang to NYC, and she's looking to recruit a few new members. But don't worry, the initiation is easier than you'd probably imagine.

All you've got to do is head to MTV Hive this Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. ET, when we'll be streaming Nash's performance from the Studio at Webster Hall as part of our Artist To Watch Live in NYC series. And then, consider yourself an honorary member of the Gang.

"I'm playing new material from my record, Girl Talk, that just came out, and it should be pretty cool," Nash told MTV News. "I've got a girl band, and we've been on tour for a while now, and we were touring last year, so we're pretty tight now."

It'll be an especially cool night for Nash, considering it'll mark her first stateside partnership with MTV since releasing Girl Talk earlier this month. And, really, it's something she never thought was possible as a kid growing up in England ... mostly because her parents didn't let her watch the channel.

"It was really annoying; I never had MTV! My parents never let us get [British satellite broadcaster] Sky, so I was always really jealous of my friends that had MTV, so I remember going around to one of my friends that had Sky," she laughed. "She always had the cool parties as well, and I would always watch MTV at her house, and that's when I would find out about music! I would have to sit home and tape songs off the radio, but me and my sisters would go to our friends house to watch MTV ... it was this amazing thing that we wished we had."

Of course, if you haven't been following Nash's career since the time she released her last album, 2010's My Best Friend Is You, well, then her Live in NYC show should serve as a pretty good introduction to the new sounds she's exploring on Girl Talk, on which she ditches the polish of her previous releases, ups the reverb and just lets it wail. And though she's grown as a musician and a songwriter, well, let's just say the majority of her new album is rooted in a very primal place.

"I used to have tantrums as a kid, really bad ones. Like in supermarkets, my dad would be carrying me around and I'd be screaming and going crazy, and, I remember the last tantrum I ever had, I was like 10 or something, a little too old to have one, and I was screaming and kicking and my mom was trying to get me to stop, and I accidentally kicked my mom in the face!" she said. "And she looked at me and walked out of the room and I was like 'Oh my God ...' because I was so used to them shouting at me or trying to get me to calm down, and that was the last tantrum I ever had. But I think I still need to have them, so now I do it through music, instead of kicking my mom in the face."

Check out Kate Nash's Live in NYC show this Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. ET on MTV Hive.