Lindsay Lohan In Bed With Charlie Sheen For 'Anger Management' Cameo

Actress makes a guest appearance on the TV show before heading to rehab.

The TV gods are reuniting kindred spirits Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen. A week after being ordered to 90 days in rehab, Lohan stopped by the set of Sheen's "Anger Management" TV show to squeeze in a cameo before her sentence begins.

Charlie volunteered to mentor his "Scary Movie 5" co-star, but he will get to act it out instead. E! News reports that Lindsay will play herself as a patient of Sheen's therapist character. The story line will poke fun at some of Lindsay's real-life troubles, and of course, her character develops feelings for Charlie.

On Monday, the two filmed a love scene that is scheduled to air sometime in April.

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Now that work is out of the way, Lindsay will soon be on her way to a lockdown rehab facility, with no in-and-out privileges. The actress pleaded no contest to reckless driving and lying to police, and as part of her plea deal, a judge also ordered LiLo to do 30 days of community labor, undergo 18 months of psychotherapy and pay several hundred dollars in fines.

And if she has any more scenes to shoot with Charlie, Lindsay better not drive herself to the set. At her sentencing, which stemmed from a July 2012 car accident, the judge said, "A suggestion: Don't drive. This is it: You violate your probation and we're not going to be having discussions."

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