Drake's Explosive '5 AM In Toronto' Just The Beginning

On 'RapFix Live,' Young Money president Mack Maine teases Drizzy's upcoming LP, says Nicki Minaj is 'back on the music grind.'

Say what you will about YMCMB, but the team is strong. On "RapFix Live" this week, Young Money president Mack Maine praised two of his star labelmates in particular, saying Nicki Minaj is "perfect" and Drake is "a special dude." The rapper also proudly proclaimed that both artists are working on new music that fans will love.

Mack Maine really got excited to talk about Drake's new project. Yes, Aubrey took shots on the "5 AM in Toronto" record, and Mack said that's just the beginning.

"The worst thing you can do is get that dude mad because he creates music from his heart and off emotion too," Mack told host Sway Calloway. "So when you get him mad ... You saw what happened with the '5 AM in Toronto,' and it's more to follow. That dude is amazing, awesome."

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Drake, who won the Best Rap Album Grammy for Take Care, has titled his third album Nothing Was the Same, and the ever-loyal Mack Maine said Drake has set the bar high.

"Just know he won't disappoint you," Mack said. "He's actually, if you can believe, he's going to another level, taking it to another level. Like he said, 'Tryna do like Lebron and win another one, tryna get another one.' "

Mack also noted that Nicki is successfully branching out into fashion and other outlets, such as her judging spot on "American Idol." But fans can rest easy; Minaj has not neglected the music.

"Nicki's a brand now," Mack Maine said. "Nicki's not just an artist, and that's hard for artists to become a brand. So whatever she wants to do, from the makeup to whatever, the clothing line, American Idol... She's still making great music."

Mack shared that Nicki will be featured on a single for Future's upcoming album and noted, "She's back on the music grind again, so Nicki's doing everything we can ask and more. She's perfect."

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