Little Mix Lock Down Hip-Hop With Missy Elliott Remix

Missy will appear on the remix of the group's 'funky' DNA track, 'How Ya Doin'?'

A big dream just came true for the ladies of Little Mix. The foursome confirmed that they enlisted the help of hip-hop heavyweight Missy Elliott on the remix of their DNA single, "How Ya Doin'?"

If En Vogue and All Saints created a super smash about missing a phone call from a guy that you'll probably never return, it would sound like Little Mix's harmony-drenched, R&B jam. And while the song has plenty of its own swagger, the U.K. foursome just upped the ante by enlisting Missy to drop a verse on the remix.

"We changed it up a little bit [and] we've got a very special feature. This person is immense," Jesy Nelson told MTV News last week, when the group stopped by to talk about their chatty U.S. fans and dealing with romance rumors.

"We all look up to this person," Jade Thirwall added.

The revamped tune will appear on the U.S. release of their debut album, DNA, which will hit the States in May after it hit the charts in the U.K. last year. And, while they are out spreading the message of their U.S. single "Wings," they feel this single helps paint the complete picture that is Little Mix.

"We knew we wanted another single from the album 'cause we wanted to show everyone when we're releasing singles every side of us, which we had 'Wings' was the positive and 'DNA' was the darker side," Thirwall said. "And then we brought out 'Change Your Life' in the U.K., which was another uplifting, poppy ballad kind of thing. And now with 'How Ya Doin'?' it's back to the old school [and] shows everyone who we're inspired by. So we wanted to kind of change it up a little."

So, how will it sound with Missy on the song? Nelson explained, "We just wanted to change it up a little bit and make it a bit more funky and, yeah, just give something a little bit different. And plus we've never had a feature on any of our track. This one we really wanted it and it really worked."

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