Miley Cyrus' Single With Snoop 'Coming Out Very, Very Soon'

'Can't Be Tamed' singer says she never thought the rapper would appear on her first single off her 2013 album release.

Smilers, the wait is almost over. Miley Cyrus is about ready to give fans some new music... and she's bringing a friend along. Cyrus has confirmed that her first single off 2013's album release will feature the D-O-double-G himself, Snoop.

"I did a song with Snoop, and it's coming out very, very soon...I can finally say I'm going to have a song with Snoop Dogg coming very soon. It's recorded, done. I'm so excited!" she told Ryan Seacrest on Friday (March 22). While she didn't offer up many details about the song, like its title or release date, she did add, "He was in Europe when he was recording, but he's here this weekend, so I'm pretty excited. I'm think I'm going to take a bunch of my friends and go hang out."

While pop fans may not immediately understand why the rapper-turned-Rasta might jump on a track with the former Disney princess, they needn't look much further than her viral twerking video as proof of her street cred. Or, his candy-coated collaboration with Katy Perry on her massive 2010 single, as evidence he likes to get his pop on.

Since first announcing plans to release new music last year, the singer has been connected to a bunch of hip-hop artists and producers, including Pharrell Williams, Juicy J, Mac Miller, Da Internz and Tyler, The Creator.

"I want this record to be different and a bunch of passion projects which the first thing I wouldn't have calculated like, 'Oh the first song I want to come out is me and Snoop Dogg,' ' she said. "I never thought that would be [my first single]. I'd think it'd be my own single first, but I've been able to do these things where I've just been in the studio at the right time and these projects have just magically come,' just happened."

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