Tegan And Sara 'Over The Moon' After Their 'Glee' Debut

Tegan and Sara are 'thrilled' by the 'Glee' version of their hit "Closer."

Tegan and Sara's seventh album, Heartthrob, debuted at #3 on the Billboard Top 200, making it the highest-charting album of the Quin sisters' career. And while that certainly made them happy, it couldn't quite match the elation they felt over another milestone: Getting a song on "Glee."

Last week, their Heartthrob single "Closer" was performed on the FOX show, and, when we caught up with them backstage at the mtvU Woodie Awards, they were just hours away from the episode's debut ... and, really, it was about all they could talk about.

"We are over the moon! I was trying to hold out and watch the episode and hear the song for the first time, but I actually listened to it right before I came over here and I love it!" Tegan Quin said. "We've been fans since the first season. I think it's a really important show too, not just for music; it's got so many awesome, fringe, alternative, amazing characters that I think represent so many of the people that actually listen to our music as well, so, we're thrilled."

And T&S aren't kidding about being "Glee" obsessives ... for proof, they rattled off a list of their favorite episodes, which, now presumably includes theirs.

"Oh my God! The Madonna episode, the Britney Spears episode, like, I mean, everything that they do," Tegan said, "And especially when they do stuff from the '80s."

"Yeah," her sister Sara added, "When our old lady music comes on, we get really excited."

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