'Spring Breakers' Had Two Weeks To Become Best Friends

'We definitely did the opposite of what we do in the movie,' Selena Gomez says of preparing for the film.

Harmony Korine's candy-colored, girls-gone-wild epic "Spring Breakers" is being touted as the most insane spring break movie ever. And whether you agree with that dubious distinction or not, you do have to wonder how young actresses Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine prepared for such a trip.

"Harmony just had a guideline really when he did this script," Gomez explained to MTV News recently. "For us, he would send us pictures of real spring breakers, because he went to Florida and actually experienced spring break when he wrote the script. Then we kinda hung out with each other. That was another: We had to become best friends, which was really easy."

And for those of you with an overly active imagination: chill. The process of becoming BFFs did not include body shots or naked pillow fights.

"We went to eat. We went to the beach," Benson explained of their rather mundane activities calendar.

"We had two weeks, so when we went there we would go to Harmony and Rachel's place that they had in Florida," Gomez continued. "Then we'd go over the script for maybe an hour or two, and then the rest of the day it would be five hours of going to eat, hanging out with the girls, going to shop, going to the beach."

In fact, little children were even involved.

"[Korine] has a little daughter named Lefty, who is the cutest thing in the world, and we'd babysit her," Benson enthused.

"We definitely did the opposite of what we do in the movie," Gomez said with a laugh.

That's not to say, however, that the girls were unaware of the wild and crazy spring break mentality, thanks in part to MTV's annual warm-weather pilgrimage.

"We definitely have been giving you all a shotout wherever we go," Gomez said. "It is a big American thing that's a part of our culture. I think it's cool that we get to have a fun, dangerous, cool take on it."

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