Lecrae's Biggest Grammy Win? Getting His Calls Returned Now

'What it's done, if anything, is make people maybe take me serious as an artist,' Lecrae tells MTV News of post-Grammys life.

Lecrae surprised many when he took home a 2013 Grammy for Best Gospel Album, and while the Gravity MC has done well to stay grounded since his big win, he can't help but notice how things have changed around him.

"After the Grammy man, the biggest thing is people return your phone calls," he laughed to MTV News after wrapping up an interview with Shade 45's "Sway in the Morning" radio show last week.

For Lecrae, whose music is faith-driven, but not alienating, the golden gramophone motivates him to stay on his musical path. It also goes a long way in changing the perception of him as a rapper. "What it's done, if anything, is make people maybe take me serious as an artist, serious as an MC," he said. "I think now it's like, 'Huh maybe I need to investigate. If it's worth giving a Grammy to maybe I should check this dude Lecrae out.' "

There is a misconception that because Lecrae is into his faith, that he aims to preach to others. Over the past few years with projects like his Church Clothes mixtape and of course Gravity Lecrae has found his voice and has been able to balance a responsible message with skillfully crafted lyrics. "For the most part people think I'm trying to condemn or [think] every time I get two seconds with you [or] I'm about to preach to you or something along those lines, but that's really not me," he said. "I'm just being authentically who I am."

Have you caught on to Lecrae after the Grammys or were you a fan all along?