Miley Cyrus Wearing Engagement Ring Again... And Onesie

Two weeks after she took it off, the singer tweeted out a photo with her ring on full display.

It's back! Miley Cyrusis sporting her engagement ring again after it went missing earlier this month. The MIA jewelry prompted rumors that she called off her wedding to "Hunger Games" actor Liam Hemsworth.

However on Tuesday, the ring was back and ready for its close-up. The singer/actress tweeted out a candid shot of herself on a photo shoot that put her engagement bling on full display. During her "onezie PARTY (of one)" Cyrus' left hand was featured prominently in two shots, perhaps finally settling all the debate about her relationship status with Hemsworth.

Kicking off the rumors, Cyrus was first out and about without her ring two weeks ago, when she was photographed leaving a recording studio in L.A. While Cyrus pledged she and Hemsworth were still very much together on Twitter, she has confirmed that she would no longer address her personal life on the site.

However, last week she broke her rule when she commended Evan Rachel Wood for speaking out against tabloid rumors. She also tweeted with her back-up singer Lindsey J. Lee about the true reason why her ring had mysteriously gone missing. "ugh that's the worst!" she wrote in response to Lee's admission that her own ring was being fixed. "I just had a similar situation except when it happens to me then everyone says my wedding is off."

While Miley has been in L.A. working on her album, Hemsworth has been spotted abroad visiting his family in Australia and also making promotional appearances as the face of the Bench clothing line, in Manila, Philippines. Cyrus and Hemsworth first announced their engagement last June after three years of dating. They met on the set of "The Last Song" in 2009.

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