Master P Says There's No Limit To Louie V Mob With Alley Boy

'I feel there's no other artist on the street hotter than him, making the type of music he makes,' he tells MTV News of Alley Boy.

Master P built one of rap's most storied franchises when he launched No Limit Records from his local New Orleans in the 1990s, and though it's been a minute since the mogul has impacted music in a major way, P has a plan to once again prove his hip-hop dominance. Now that he's partnered with Alley Boy and Fat Trel to form the Louie V Mob, P is confident in the future of No Limit.

"I feel there's no other artist on the street hotter than him, making the type of music he makes," Master P told MTV News of Alley Boy, who was seated right beside him. "I thought it was only right for this mob, what we're building over here and what he's already created with Duct tape. This is my partner, Fat Trel is my partner so, this the next generation of No Limit Forever, the revolution.

"Alley Boy reminds me of myself when me, [C-Murder] and [Silkk the Shocker] was out there just goin' crazy and just needed somebody to just show us the ropes to cross this thing over," he continued.

As the central figure in Duct Tape Entertainment, Alley Boy has become a permanent fixture in Atlanta's underground rap scene. Fat Trel has managed to create a formidable following of his own in his native Washington, D.C., and areas beyond. Last month, the trio dropped New World Order, their first collaborative mixtape release.

Alley is excited by the chance to work with a veteran of P's stature. He likens the pairing to the management deal that Rick Ross and Diddy struck back in 2010. "I'm just happy I stayed true to myself and did what I wanted to do and went about it the way I wanted to go about it. P shined on me," he said. "It's just a good stamp. It was an honor. We built a relationship before anything... the music was second, the relationship was first."

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