Omarion Making His Most 'Authentic' Music At Age 28

'I'm very clear about the moves I'm making and the topics I'm discussing,' Maybach O tells MTV News of Love and Other Drugs.

Omarion is confident that he's about to drop his best album ever, since he's finally become his "authentic self."

The MMG singer told MTV News that his goal is to create music that evokes a strong feeling in listeners, and that's clear from his latest single, "Paradise." The buttery track finds him hitting some high notes in the bedroom, and he's hoping those notes resonate with fans across Love and Other Drugs.

"Sonically, this is different from anything I've ever done because I feel like I'm my authentic self at 28 years old," he says. "I'm very clear, I feel confident in everything I'm doing, about the moves I'm making, the topics I'm discussing."

He pointed out that many classic albums were released by artists in their mid- to late 20s. "Twenty-eight is a great age, because all the best albums were created around this time," he said, noting that projects like Michael Jackson's Thriller, Beyoncé's B'Day and Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds were recorded while the artists were in their mid-20s. "Twenty-five to 28 is prime time for making good albums."

Maybach O didn't want to put his foot in his mouth by saying there was something missing from contemporary music, but instead, he explained that there needs to be more "compassion." "There's not a lot of music that makes you feel — and [I don't mean] 'turn up' music, just real soulful music."

Since his ultimate goal with the album is to have a real effect on fans, he thought the title Love and Other Drugs was entirely appropriate.

"Love is a drug, and I feel like there's something infectious about my music, it puts you in the mood, and it's been a minute since I've heard music that made me feel something," he said. "I hope people wanna hear it and hope they feel something — like, I wanna turn this on before I go to the club, or when this comes on in the club, I wanna talk to a girl. I feel like that's what music used to do."

Though he didn't want to spill too many details about the album, Omarion confirmed that there would be a special collaboration with singer Jhene Aiko to look out for.