Lamb Of God Frontman Randy Blythe Speaks Following Manslaughter Acquittal

'A young man is still dead and his family stull suffers,' Blythe writes following his acquittal on manslaughter charges.

Last summer, Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe told MTV News that he fully intended to return to the Czech Republic to answer charges he was responsible for a fan's death at a 2010 concert, because it was "the right thing to do ... this poor young man's family deserves some answers."

Earlier this week, he was acquitted of manslaughter charges, and headed back to the U.S., though not before he spoke with the family of the Lamb of God fan, Daniel Nosek, in an attempt to bring closure to the situation. And on Thursday (March 7), he spoke about the ordeal in a statement posted on his Instagram account.

"I am leaving Prague now -- I hope not to return for a long while. This has nothing to do with this city, the people who live here, or the Czech Republic itself at all," Blythe wrote. "This is a wonderful place and many people have been kind to me ... I have grown to love this city, for it is a marvelous, magical town ... But for me, it is a place of great sadness."

Blythe spent 37 days in a Czech prison following his arrest on June 27, 2012, though he downplayed his time behind bars, and his subsequent legal drama, because both paled in comparison to the daily struggle faced by the family of Nosek, who spoke on his behalf at the trial.

"The small inconveniences I have been through since my arrest are not noteworthy. People go through much worse daily and still keep a smile on their faces, but currently my smiles are far and few between. A young man is still dead, and his family still suffers. Please remember that fact," Blythe wrote. "This family did no wrong, and have shown me great kindness, with silence, with actions and finally with words. ... [W]e had a private talk after [the trial]. All I will say about that is that they were very kind to me and displayed the utmost strength and class. ... They just want to get on with their lives the best they can. I wish them only the best and will keep them in my thoughts and prayers."

Blythe's statement was superimposed over a photo he took of human skulls and bones at the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic, which he visited before departing the country. And he closed by saying that, though he's leaving, he will truly never forget his ordeal, or the death of one young fan.

"I am leaving a part of myself here, I think. Some bit of me will always roam these streets at night, and that is only fitting," he wrote. "Now I will go home and try to see what good I can make come out the destruction that occurred here. It is the only correct thing to do. Rest in peace, Daniel Nosek."

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