Will Smith In 'After Earth' Trailer: Watch Now!

Will and son Jaden Smith crash-land on the dangerous planet Earth 1,000 years after humans were forced to flee.

The latest trailer for "After Earth" is just one more reason 14-year-old Jaden Smith is probably cooler than you. He (reportedly) dates a Kardashian, his dad is Will Smith, and he teams up again with his mega-movie-star pops to star in the likely summer blockbuster, which arrives June 7.

The second "After Earth" trailer, released Thursday (March 7), takes us to Nova Prime, the planet humans fled to 1,000 years ago after catastrophic events made Earth unlivable. The elder Smith plays General Cypher Raige, a legendary ranger back from a tour of duty and hoping to bond with his son, Katai (Jaden). When their spacecraft crashes onto Earth, Katai must journey to the other side of the globe to retrieve the rescue beacon.

"Danger is very real," General Raige tells Katai in the preview, "but fear is a choice." If the two are to make it out alive, they must trust each other and fight the perils of a planet where all the elements have evolved to be deadly.

Jaden Smith enlists little sister Willow on his new single "Kite."

The first trailer for the film, directed by king of suspense M. Night Shyamalan, dropped in December.

This is just the latest collabo for Jaden and Will: Jaden's first movie role was as his dad's onscreen son in "The Pursuit of Happyness." And for Jaden's breakout role in the "Karate Kid" remake, Will served as a producer.

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