'Jack The Giant Slayer': The Reviews Are In!

Critics praise Bryan Singer's action-adventure for hulking giants and large-scale action.

On Friday (March 1), moviegoers are invited to climb up the beanstalk alongside "Jack the Giant Slayer." Starring "Warm Bodies" leading man Nicholas Hoult in the title role, the Bryan Singer-directed action-adventure retells the classic Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale with monstrously violent giants and a well-groomed Ewan McGregor — but based on some reviews from critics, perhaps the climb isn't worth it after all.

Read on to see what the reviews are saying about "Jack the Giant Slayer."

The Story

"Princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson), who's already pledged to the foppishly sinister nobleman Roderick (Stanley Tucci, in wild hair and whiskers that make him resemble Tim Burton), yearns for a way out of this engagement as well as to experience 'an adventure of my own.' She might get both prayers answered by the inadvertent arrival in her life of laddishly handsome 18-year-old Jack (Nicholas Hoult), an orphan farm boy who first intervenes on her behalf during a public altercation and then, more crucially, when she gets sent skyward atop an enormous, twisty stalk that instantaneously sprouts from an errantly planted special bean." — Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

The Non-Story

"This is what it looks like when no one cares about a movie. When a studio moves forward with a concept that it thinks is marketable based on current cinematic trends. When a filmmaker takes a job because he'd like to have an easy hit at the box office. When actors who work in anything that meets their quote get their quote met. This is a movie as pure product, cinema rendered utterly soulless." — Devin Faraci, BadassDigest.com

The Humans

"Hoult and Tomlinson are fine together — there's nothing outlandish about either of their performances — but they do have a nice chemistry with each other. And they make room for some of the showier performances amid the strong supporting cast, including Stanley Tucci as the duplicitous Roderick, whom the king initially believes is an ideal husband for his precious daughter but who quickly reveals his untrustworthiness and hunger for power." — Christy Lemire, Boston.com

The Giants

"The giants, and especially a motion-capture Bill Nighy as the leader Fallon, are a mighty impressive CGI creation, covered in all kinds of weird warts and growths and, on one of them at least, a second head. Shooting much of the film outdoors allows the giants to feel even more authentic, though parents might find that realism a bit too intense for kids." — Katey Rich, CinemaBlend.com

The Final Word

"'Jack the Giant Slayer' is not flush with surprises. We are never too much in doubt that man will somehow triumph over giant, or that the brave commoner will win the approval of the blue bloods. But there is something to be said for the simple satisfactions of a familiar tale well told. By the standards of today's bombastic 'event' movies, this is a refreshingly modest endeavor--one in which the main event is the skillful holding of our attention, all the way from 'Once upon a time' to 'Happily ever after.'" — Scott Foundas, The Village Voice

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