Imagine Dragons Reveal Details Of New 'Demons' Music Video

The band's upcoming clip will be a mix of live footage and 'storytelling,' probably won't feature puppets.

Imagine Dragons are very quietly becoming the band you cannot ignore. Not with two singles in the Billboard Hot 100 (an accomplishment only two other rock acts — Fun. and Maroon 5 — can match), a pair of eye-catching music videos and a sold-out North American tour underway. It's been a pretty remarkable rise, enough to make anyone — the band included — stop and take notice.

"Honestly, none of us could have been prepared for this last year. For us, the past four years have been a slow, organic growth, and this past year has been a skyrocket," frontman Dan Reynolds said. "I guess we prepared as much as we could for it, but I think I it would be a sad day when, as an artist, you're not celebrating success. If there comes a day where we're like 'Oh, our single went platinum ... big whoop,' then I think that's a day we deserve to no longer have any success, because there are so many artists that are working so hard out there that deserve any success like we've had."

And they'll look to build on that success with the release of their brand-new single, "Demons," which they've just shot a video for — one that incorporates live footage shot at their hometown show in Las Vegas earlier this month with a storyline. If all goes according to plan, the clip will fit nicely with the artful imagery of "It's Time" and the thoroughly out-there puppet grappling of "Radioactive," and only continue the band's string of hits. So long as they don't find a way to screw it up, that is.

"Between the four of us, we're probably too hands on with things at times; we like to have full creative control, and every video we've done we've put together on our own, and either hand-picked the director or the script, and we certainly plan on continuing to do that, for better or worse ... probably for worse most of the time," Reynolds laughed. "A lot of our favorite videos were sometimes the more serious or brooding ones ... but a lot of our favorite videos growing up were like the Foo Fighters' clips, where they didn't always take themselves too seriously and thought outside the box. So every video will be different; we like to keep our fans on their toes."

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