Fun.'s 'Why Am I The One' Video: Go Behind The Scenes Now!

MTV News was on the set of Fun.'s 'pretty deep' new video, which mirrors their rise to fame.

Over the past year, Fun. have been put through the wringer with each music video they've shot: On "We Are Young," they were nearly beheaded by flying palm trees. For "Some Nights," they went to war on a frigid battlefield. And with "Carry On," well, they basically weren't allowed to sleep.

So when it came time to film the clip for "Why Am I the One," they decided to try something different — namely, make a video where they didn't suffer egregious harm. And, as it turns out, that was easier than expected — mostly because they're hardly in the thing.

"We're following the path of a lost piece of luggage," multi-instrumentalist Andrew Dost explained. "So, this time, we're not really the star."

And we can certainly vouch for that claim. Because when MTV News was on the "One" set in Seattle, we saw the luggage get plenty of camera time — while the guys in Fun. mainly stood on the sidelines. But, really, that was the point. After all, they've had a whirlwind year; and lost luggage is just one of the things they've had to deal with on their rather remarkable rise to stardom.

"I think there's a lot of metaphors in [the video] that you could draw with us and the past year we've had, but it's a video that I hope will make people feel very different the next time they go to the airport and give their bag away," guitarist Jack Antonoff said. "It's a very serious video that, on paper, might seem a little tongue in cheek, but at least the way it's written, it's meant to be pretty deep.

"And I think that's OK, it's exciting and it's valuable for the fans of the music to know that, that it's not just this giant dream sequence," he continued. "There's a level of sacrifice that makes it worth it even more; so, to me, there's a romanticism to it, when you look at the dark side."

That goes for the song, too: Even though frontman Nate Ruess wrote it more than a year ago, lately he's found that its sentiments still hold true. In fact, if anything, they've taken on even more meaning.

"The song is about constantly being on the move; and that is something that we've been for the last ten years, but more so this year than any," Ruess said. "For example, right now, I live nowhere. I don't have an apartment, I don't have anything. [In the past], I moved from Phoenix to New York, and now I'm moving from New York to who knows where? But it's all I've known, so I'm used to it."

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