Kelly Clarkson Is A 'Freak Of Nature' On Jewel's Greatest Hits Album

The 'Idol' alum 'just sailed through it like it was nothing,' Jewel tells MTV News about rerecording 'Foolish Games' together.

Nearly two decades after her debut LP Pieces of You dropped, Jewel decided there's no time better than the present to release a greatest hits collection. With 10 studio albums, 23 chart-topping singles and more than 27 million copies sold worldwide the singer/songwriter finally felt she had a "real body of work" to choose from.

When first signed at the age of 18, Jewel knew there were several genres of music she wanted to "get out there," and now that we've heard folk, pop, country, dance, holiday, and even children's songs from her, the now 38-year-old says it is a "good time to look back."

"I think 20 years in is a good middle point," Jewel explained. "I also feel like often, like with greatest hits, you can just go make your own on, you know your iPod or whatever. So the reason I feel validated in doing mine is a lot of [the songs] are rare radio edits that you can't get anywhere else."

To sweeten the deal, Jewel also rerecorded "You Were Meant for Me" with country trio Pistol Annies and "Foolish Games" with "American Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson.

"I really wanted to sing that song with a great vocalist, and she was my first pick," Jewel replied when asked how the collaboration with Clarkson came to be. "She's a hoot in the studio, she's really a fun hang, really down to earth and she's kind of a freak of nature. I mean, you go in there, and I was singing this long note and I was holding it as long as I could and as high as I could and I was on my tiptoes doing it and she walked in there and was like, that was great, and then she just did a whole three, you know, steps above it and just sailed through it like it was nothing. She's a freak of nature."

So, with such amazing range, was Jewel concerned she'd be outshined by any of Clarkson's high notes?

"Kelly is great, you know she doesn't have a big ego or anything, she wants to make me sound good and I'm the same way, I want to make her sound good so we kind of wanted to work out parts that hopefully benefitted each other and yeah, it was fun."

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