Paramore Battled Biting Spiders, Dark Forces To Make 'Now'

In their brand-new video, Paramore got down and dirty to bring their message of positivity.

In Paramore's new "Now" video, the band play a rag-rag bunch of rebels, locked in a tense battle with the heavily-armed forces of evil. It's a role that allowed them to get down and dirty — not to mention in-touch with their inner badasses — and, as you'd probably expect, they loved every second of it.

Well, almost.

"We shot it somewhere off [Highway] 101, right off of it, in the middle of this field and there was a lot of dirt and rattlesnakes — which I never saw, thank God!" frontwoman Hayley Williams told MTV News. "In this scene where I'm lying down, and Jeremy [Davis] comes up and grabs me, we shot that for about an hour, and I was laying there and I kept noticing these things jumping over me, and I realized they were biting people, and then I realized upon closer examination they were jumping spiders! That part was not fun."

Jumping spiders aside, Paramore said they had a blast shooting the "Now" video — "It was a lot of fun just being able to get dirty," Davis said with a smile, "it was like reverting back to when you were a kid" — and working with director Daniel Cloud Campos, a relative unknown who came to the band with a big idea for the clip ... one that, as fate would have it, mirrored the message of the song.

"The idea of the song is reaching forward, moving forward towards something more positive, and I feel like we did come from a tumultuous time as a band, and we're really trying to move forward," Williams explained. "And that's what the video is about: we were on this rebel team fighting for love, and there were these soldiers that don't know about it, they come from a world of darkness so it was all about spreading that message and fighting for that cause."

And, as you'd probably expect from a band that's been through so many changes over the years, they haven't shied away from working with folks like Campos or producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen on their new, self-titled album. In fact, that's been part of the process every step of the way.

"That seems to be theme so far on this record, people being surprised about our choices," Taylor York said. "We're not really looking at people's names and what they've done so much as the vibe we get with them. And this treatment was the best; [Campos] was so easy to work with and passionate, so for us it just felt right."

And, having gotten dirty (and nearly eaten by spiders) with "Now," Paramore continue to move forward with their new album and an upcoming tour. And, for the first time in a while, they're doing so happily.

"We kept saying all day this was the best experience we've had; and it's funny, we've said that about everything with this record," Williams said. "Everything's been so fun, and s being in a place where we're open to try new things and have a good time with it ... everything's been awesome."

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