Frank Ocean Runs To Grammys Stage 'Forrest Gump'-Style

Channel Orange singer sang and whistled new breakout after taking two awards.

Frank Ocean was worried that a cut on his finger would hinder his 2013 Grammy performance, but the Odd Future stand-out did not let his scuffle with Chris Brown prevent him from tearing down the house at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday (February 10) night.

Frank capped off a night where he won a pair of awards — Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best Rap Sung/Collaboration for the Throne's "No Church in the Wild" — with the first televised performance of his Channel Orange breakout "Forrest Gump."

With a large video screen behind him, Ocean ran onto the stage blending in with his background, which seemed to be lifted from the track's upcoming music video. "I want to see your pom-poms from the stands," Frank sang cheering on the love which inspired his gold-selling major label debut before chanting "You're on my mind boy."

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Frank played the piano, with what looked like both hands, proving that his fight with Brown didn't hinder his Grammy debut. Ocean crooned his tune while his Odd Future outfit rode bikes and skateboards on the big screen in the pre-taped visual behind him. It was a simple and powerful performance as Frank, with all of his boyish charm, whistled the song's melody for his outro before he moseyed off in time with the big-screen display, creating the coolest visual effect of the night — with Carrie Underwood's dress coming in a distant second.

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