Chris Brown Is Creating New Album Like A 'Boss'

'He just never stops working,' Da Internz tell MTV News about Brown's 2013 LP.

In between making tabloid headlines, Chris Brown is also hard at work on his 2013 album release. And while he's tried his hand at what seems like every genre in the past — from dance to hip-hop to straight-up R&B — the Grammy-nominated singer is still working out the details for what this next album release is going to sound like.

"It's really crazy with Chris because Chris can really do whatever the hell he wanna do," Da Internz's Marcos "Kosine" Palacios told MTV News about hitting the studio with Breezy for this album. "I've never seen anyone work as fast as him in the studio. His voice is incredible. He knows what he wants, you know what I mean? Like you'll play him a track and he'll be like, he'll just start talking about you know 'Oh, I know what this is; video, visual. I know who I would put on it.' "

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His production partner, Ernest "Tuo" Clark, shared that the project is still in its "super early" stages, so that means right now the sky's the limit in terms of the album's vibe. Kos said, "I mean really the ball is in his court again, 'cause he can sing, he can dance, he can paint, he can direct videos."

The guys didn't have much to say about any guests that Brown might invite into the studio with him. They also didn't have any details about that Rihanna track. But decisions are being made about the album as it is being created. Tuo said, "It's kind of one of 'em situations that you just gotta wait as the music, as you cut the music, it really shapes the project. So once again, it's like totally at the beginning stages."

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It's clear that neither of Da Internz want to divulge too many details about the album, but Kos did reiterate just how intense Brown's work ethic is these days. "Chris is just, he's really, really incredible," he said. "You know what I mean? Like, it's a sight to see. He's just got songs for days... like he just never stops working."

The bottom line when it comes to who makes all the decisions for the look and sound for the release, Kos said, "He's the boss."

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