Iron Man Makes Super Bowl-Sized Comeback In New Trailer

Tony Stark rescues a plane-full of people from an explosion in the latest preview for 'Iron Man 3.'

Marvel scored yet another field goal Sunday night (February 3) with a Super Bowl spot that finds our favorite iron-clad hero rescuing 13 innocent airplane passengers as they're sucked out of a huge hole and plummeting ever so swiftly to their doom.

Tony Stark grabs a hold of the first person, getting the others to join him by the hands. As the plane above them explodes in a plume of fire, Tony begins to realize that he can only carry the weight of so many people. So what's an Iron Man to do in this situation?

"Iron Man 3" sees Tony Stark coming up against his most formidable adversary yet: the Mandarin. Played by Sir Ben Kingsley, the Mandarin is the leader of a deadly terrorist group known as the Ten Rings. With an intellect on par with Stark and an uncompromising need for vengeance, this technology-crazed criminal puts Tony to the test both mentally and physically.

As Tony sets out to find those responsible for emotionally scarring his loved ones, he's eventually forced to survive by his own devices; not the ones that he's been making in his laboratory but instead the ones that he was born with.

If rumors are true that "Iron Man 3" will be largely inspired by Warren Ellis' "Extremis," Tony will be forced to inject himself with a techno-organic virus, that will forever change his life, in order to defeat an enemy of similar accord.

Of course, this is all based purely on speculation. All we know for sure is that the Mandarin will be the main antagonist of the film and that Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen (two major characters from the "Extremis" storyline) will be making an appearance as well.

Directed by Shane Black and starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, "Iron Man 3" hits theaters May 3, 2013.

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