Justin Bieber Challenged To Table-Tennis Match With Lawson

British foursome are down to work with Bieber, but rumors that they were involved in Believe Acoustic were untrue.

Earlier this year, a bunch of artists got connected to Justin Bieber's Believe Acoustic album just based on tweets about being in and around the studio.

Among those rumored to be involved? Nick Jonas, Ed Sheeran and Lawson lead singer Andy Brown, to name a few. After Brown wrote about a studio run-in with the Biebs, it quickly prompted fans to think he may have contributed to the release.

As it turns out, none of those artists actually appear on the album, and the Lawson singer said he was never supposed to.

"Bit of a miscommunication, to be fair. We were just in the same studio," he explained to MTV News. "We recorded a lot in the studio in L.A. called Henson Studios, and Justin also uses the same studio. So we crossed paths. We actually didn't work together."

Not that the British foursome would be against any future collaborations with the 18-year-old — especially now that they're pals.

"It's nice being in that environment, because there's loads of really cool people around, like Drake was knocking about as well and Van Halen knocking around doing some stuff," Brown said. "And it's a really cool studio and we recorded half our album [Chapman Square] out there as well. We love being out there and writing new stuff. Justin seems to be in there quite a lot."

How does Justin Bieber's "Nothing Like Us" compare to Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River"?

But they're not just down for some jam sessions: They also have a challenge for the pop star, should he accept it. "We didn't meet formally, but it was sort of [shakes hands] 'Hi, how are you doing? See you in a bit,' nothing formal. I think [Lawson's] Ryan [Fletcher] challenged him to a game of table tennis. Maybe in the future. He's a keen table tennis player apparently."

Fletcher has this message for Bieber when they cross paths again: "I'm looking to take you down, Justin!" he joked. "So if you're watching this: table tennis, me and you. I think it needs to happen."