Justin Bieber 'Fell In Love' With Da Internz On 'I Would'

Production team opens up to MTV News about crafting the tune for Believe Acoustic.

Justin Bieber's alter ego Kidrauhl made a name for himself with his acoustic YouTube videos, becoming a viral video sensation.

But by the time 2012 rolled around, that Kid had become an unstoppable pop superstar and his album, Believe, was chock full of EDM gloss and hip-hop swagger. But, he unplugged it again for his just-released Believe Acoustic, giving fans slowed-down takes on those jams as well as three new tracks, the more sullen "Yellow Raincoat" and "Nothing Like Us," as well as the more up-tempo "I Would."

When Da Internz got the call last year to get to cooking on that last track for this album, they had very few clues as to what they were actually writing for. They just knew Bieber wanted to make new music.

"We knew it was an acoustic album, but at the same time we are the Da Internz so we had to give it a little bit of razzle dazzle. It had to have a little bit of drums on there," Marcos "Kosine" Palacios told MTV News on Thursday. "Justin heard it. He fell in love with it. We even tried to go backwards on the mix, like it's an acoustic album, strip it down. But he was just in love with that original everything so we kept it as is and it made the album."

While a majority of Believe Acoustic opts to keep it slow, "I Would" picks up the pace. "When we was making the track, we was thinking like hit record, like single, like what attracts the people," Ernest "Tuo" Clark said. "So we were thinking like straight, Top 40, like rhythmic-type sound for the radio. So we knew we couldn't go too hard or too heavy on the drums, we made sure we stayed between the fine line."

And, when they learned that had made the final cut, Tuo recalled they kind of couldn't believe it was happening. "It's one them situations where you get a call, actually Christmas break and it's just like, 'Yeah guys, next month the Bieber acoustic album comes out and you got a record on there,'" he said. "And we were like 'Alright cool'."

Kosine was even more stunned that Bieber went with the track, considering how few new tunes are on the release, set to hit the top of the charts next week. "That was just like a miracle," he shared. "You know the world is trying to work on a Bieber album, so, for us, for him to like it and rock with it that's crazy."

There's no heartbreak on it, like with "Yellow" or "Nothing," instead Bieber is all about pleasing his lady love on the flirty track. And, the lyrics are all about making sure that an 18-year-old Bieber can sing it as flawlessly as a 30-something Bieber might, and it won't seem awkward or immature.

"The writing is really important too," Kosine said. "Like, he's growing up. He's not little Justin that put out 'Baby.' He's getting older. He's having different issues and stuff in life. There's a lot of transition going for him and you want to be able to tap into that and make it as real as possible."

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