Will 'Nikki And Sara' Keep It Clean For TV?

'Cursing is a part of my life,' says one half of MTV's new late-night comedy show, premiering tonight at 11 ET on MTV.

They might be hours away from their live television debut, but Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer have some cleaning up to do before they take the stage for "Nikki and Sara Live," premiering at 11 p.m. ET Tuesday on MTV.

Like, the "wash your mouth with soap" kind of clean.

Indeed the funny pair who already share a co-hosting gig for their hilarious podcast, "You Had to Be There," may have the perfect rapport, but it admittedly involves some language that's more... premium than basic cable. Sara, the bespectacled brunette of the pair, has taken on the challenge as a lifestyle change.

"I think I'm trying to eliminate cursing daily from my life so that I don't blurt it out on TV," she explained. "But that's really hard, 'cause cursing is a part of my life. But I think I'm more nervous about awkwardly oversharing information which is something I do on the podcast a lot. If we're interviewing then I'm like 'yeah!' and then suddenly I'm sharing too much and it's an awkward moment. That makes me nervous."

Nikki, in a word, feels otherwise. "The censoring thing — it's scary, but I don't really give a f---, so..." she trailed off, before going into television producer mode and jokingly insisting, "I want that to be bleeped and look kind of cool."

But if all else fails, there's the comfort in knowing that somewhere, a panic button exists solely for any of their slip-ups. "I think there's a button somewhere in New Jersey where a guy's hovering over for a five second dump button if we say anything," Nikki admitted, excitedly.

But Sara, always a friend, has already thought-up a foil should the duo really need to get their point across. "We just need to really use our lips to enunciate what we're saying, so that if they have to use the button, you could still read our lips."

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Tune into "Nikki and Sara Live" Tuesday on MTV at 11 p.m. ET. and learn more about the show at MTV's Remote Control blog.