Juelz Santana Takes The Blame For Dipset Delays

'The stagnation was me for a minute once we decided to get back,' Santana tells MTV News of the slow-moving Dipset reunion album.

Remember that Dipset reunion we were supposed to get back in 2010? Yeah, well Juelz Santana hasn't forgotten either. Actually the "Mic Check" MC shoulders the blame for the long delay.

"The stagnation was me for a minute once we decided to get back," Elz admitted to MTV News on Friday while he was in promo mode for his newly released God Will'n mixtape. "We did the 'Salute' record. We put it out. We linked back up as brothers because more than anything we weren't speaking. A lot of people they were just concerned about the music."

In the early aughts, Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey had a death grip on New York's rap scene. With all of their solo success and collective accomplishments, there was no denying the impact that the Diplomats had, but rumors of a breakup were running rampant by 2007 and the news eventually hit: Dipset was no longer. The crew would announce that they buried the hatchet in 2010, and while fans did get a new single ("Salute") and a small tour, we've rarely seen the Dipset together since.

Juelz didn't make any promises, but does believe that the release of God Will'n should help speed-up the process, as he has made very little music himself since releasing his 2005 sophomore LP What the Game's Been Missing! "I feel like this is one of the major steps, just me getting back working," Santana said of his mixtape release. "We've all agreed that were willing to do it, it's just about getting to that point where we can do it and it be what the people want from it."

So while the group still seems fractured, Elz says that things are moving in the right direction and fans shouldn't close the door on the group's long-awaited Diplomatic Immunity 3 album. "I wasn't doing music for me, so I couldn't sit down and agree to do a Diplomat album. I didn't know what the intentions [were] — nothing, I was still in chill mode at that time," he said. "Now I know it can get done is what I'm saying because I'm working, I know Cam is willing to do it — he's probably working. Jim I know he's always working doing what he's doing."

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