9 Reasons 'The Flash' HAS To Have A Musical Episode

He's fast, AND he can sing!

There's no question that "The Flash" is in the running for best superhero series on television right now. (Get it? In the running? Ah, I'll show myself out.) But you know what would clinch the title? A musical episode.

Perhaps you didn't know this yet, but the cast of "The Flash" consists of some extraordinarily talented musicians. That proof has never been more evident than a video making the rounds today (March 26) featuring Jesse L. Martin (Detective West), Rick Cosnett (Detective Thawne) and Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon) teaming together to sing an acapella version of "The Ballad of Serenity," aka the "Firefly" theme song, all part of Martin's Kickstarter for his new short film "The Letter Carrier."

See? Absolute perfection. There's no excuse for "The Flash" not to have a musical episode. In case you need further proof, here are nine reasons why the stars of Central City need to get together and sing their hearts out:

Because Detective West needs to pay his "Rent."

Ideally, it won't take 575 hours and 600 minutes for "The Flash" to make a musical episode.

Detective West needs to "Razzle Dazzle" you, too.

Who needs Central City? The whole episode could take place in Chicago!

Because Eddie Thawne is the "Wind Beneath my Wings."

Rick Cosnett serenading a fan with Bette Midler music is my new jam.

Because Cisco and "Harrison Wells" need to smooth things over.

And there's no easier way to smooth things over than with smooth jazz renditions of "White Christmas," with fake brass instruments. That oughta heal the whole Wells-murdering-Cisco thing right up.

Really, Cisco is just one of the best "New Things."

Carlos Valdes wrote and performed this song in college. Who knew Cisco had such hidden talent?

Because Grant Gustin needs to bring you "Glee."

The man behind Barry Allen is an extraordinarily talented singer, evidenced by his numerous appearances as Sebastian Smythe on "Glee."

In fact, Barry already proved how much he loves those "Summer Nights."

He's fast, and he can sing — what can't he do? Caitlin, however, can sit the musical episode out.

Even Leonard Snart knows a thing or two about "Blues in the Night."

Captain Cold? More like Captain Smooth. Here's Wentworth Miller back in his Princeton University days, singing Sinatra alongside his fellow Princeton Tigertones.

And at least one half of Firestorm can belt out one "Last Song."

Victor Garber could lead the musical episode on the "Flash"/"Arrow" spinoff series, too!

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