Teen Sentenced To Listen To Afroman 'Because He Got High'

17-year-old arrested for possessing marijuana pipe made to listen to song by Massachusetts judge.

A 17-year-old arrested for possessing a marijuana pipe is being forced to listen to Afroman's "Because I Got High" and write a report about it by a Massachusetts District Court judge.

Matthew Fournier of East Hartford, Connecticut, was sentenced Wednesday in Springfield to listen to the "stupid rap song," as Judge Nancy Dusek-Gomez referred to Afroman's summer hit, paying particular attention to the line "Now, I'm a quadriplegic and I know why/ Because I got high," according to the Associated Press. The judge continued the case for six months and said she would dismiss misdemeanor alcohol and drug charges (Fournier was also caught with a bottle of whiskey and 10 bottles of beer), if the teen completed his report on the song and stayed away from liquor and drugs.

"You're shaming your mother in front of these good people," Dusek-Gomez scolded from behind her bench. She also required Fournier to submit to random drug testing.

The district attorney didn't object to the sentence.

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