Justin Timberlake Tweet From Justin Bieber Gets Fans Buzzing

After JT announces hotly anticipated return to music, the Biebs reveals he's 'heard some stuff.'

Justin Timberlake is finally "ready" to make new music. And while his fans will have to wait another three days to hear what he has up his sleeve, there's one fan in particular who's got a good clue: Justin Bieber.

It's been six years since Timberlake released 2006's FutureSex/LoveSounds, and on Thursday (January 10), he posted a minute-long video declaring that new music was on the way. Following that announcement, fans quickly flooded the Internet with their thoughts on the return of one of pop music's elite. But Bieber may have had the most attention-grabbing comment, in a reply-all tweet.

"@jtimberlake @Timbaland i have heard some stuff. u got a good reason to be ready.#greatmusic," the "Boyfriend" singer teased.

But it's no surprise that Bieber's thrilled to have Timberlake back in the music game, since JT is someone JB has always admired, even covering the 31-year-old's hit "Cry Me a River" during his Believe Tour. Last spring, the teen star shared with MTV News just why he admires the former 'NSYNC singer.

"He was young, and he did it and he was really amazing and had such amazing music," Bieber said when Sway asked if Timberlake had influenced his music. "I can't say I would be upset when someone compares me to him — I just feel like my music is going a completely different route. But definitely, hat goes off to him."

Back in 2011, when Bieber was prepping the follow-up to My World 2.0, he told us that he was looking to break barriers with his music, much like the former boy-bander.

"I'm trying to create a new sound that people aren't really used to hearing, so it might sound weird at first, but it's going to be like when Justin Timberlake did FutureSex/LoveSounds: It was a new sound ... acoustic guitar over hard drums," Bieber explained.

By the time his lead single "Boyfriend" came out, many were quick to see the similarities between that and JT's musical stylings. To some, JB was even filling a void left by Timberlake since he turned his focus to acting and other projects.

"I think ... the comparison is a huge honor," Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, told MTV News about music critics comparing Bieber's evolution and sound to Timberlake's. "That is an iconic artist and someone who, when I was growing up, really set the tone for stars the same way Justin Bieber is for his generation.

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