Skrillex And Boys Noize 'Collide' As Dog Blood

The electronica powerhouses tell MTV News what it's like to work together before their collaborative New Year's Eve show.

While the rest of us are scrambling for last-minute New Year's Eve plans, the biggest DJs in the world all know exactly where they'll be. Boys Noize and Skrillex are no different — except this year they will both be performing for the first time together as their new collaboration Dog Blood. As the first project from the two electronica powerhouses, hopes are high for their Detroit unveiling on December 31.

According to Boys Noize, it was the city of Berlin that brought him and Skrillex together this past summer. Just hanging out and listening to music in a recording studio evolved into a creative collaboration.

Despite both DJ/producers having great success and popularity in the EDM world, the two have fundamental differences in their artistic process and method when creating music.

"It's crazy, he does everything on his laptop," the analog-friendly Alex Ridha (a.k.a. Boys Noize) explained to MTV News of Skrillex's technique."For me personally, I like the gear because I can always treat things.

Snoop Lion helps Boys Noize relax!

"For me that was the fun part," Ridha continued. "Where I was recording on my gear, he was typing in files. He was doing that and screwing it up in his thing. It was really two worlds colliding. It was important for us to make something different than what he would do, or something that I would do — and meet in the middle."

Fans can expect even more music from Dog Blood as the year goes on, as Ridha confessed to three or four tracks having already been recorded. Now, it's a question of how and when.

After performing at "The Bang" event on New Year's Eve alongside the likes of Flosstradamus, Alvin Risk, D.I.M. and Destructo, the duo will go on at the afterparty, bringing in 2013 as Dog Blood.

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