The Top 10 Movie Characters Of 2012

'Avengers' and 'Hunger Games' heroes lead MTV News' list of the best film characters of the year.

MTV Movies team, smash! We're finally here with our list of the Top 10 Movie Characters of 2012, a group of heroes and villains that includes two of Batman's greatest adversaries, one of the hottest strippers in the game, a slave turned bounty hunter, an eagle-eyed archer, a high school senior in crisis, a god, and a scientist with one hell of an attitude problem.

Read on for our list of the 10 best characters of the year!

10. Effie Trinket ("The Hunger Games")

Impeccable manners and questionable morals make Effie Trinket the ideal Hunger Games escort. Assigned to District 12, her candy-colored hair, painted face and perfect diction bring a generous dollop of Capitol chic to the depressed and dreary region. Portrayed by Elizabeth Banks with just the right amount of ridiculousness, Effie manages to transform the reaping of Katniss and Peeta into something even more surreal and terrifying. — Tami Katzoff

9. Bane ("The Dark Knight Rises")

The stakes could not have been higher: fans had been waiting years to see the final piece in the trilogy that gave the world an Oscar winning comic book villain and redefined the superhero paradigm. What the fans got was a muffled, half-obscured bald guy in a revolutionary coat — and it could not have been more awesome. Tom Hardy's Bane lives up to the expectations of "The Dark Knight" canon with Nolan once again delivering a villain who is quotable, imitable, and will here on out forever be synonymous with the DC character. — Joel Hanek

8. Dallas ("Magic Mike")

With his penchant for shirtlessness — both on and off screen — it's a wonder Matthew McConaughey hadn't taken a spin as an exotic dancer before this year's mantastic "Magic Mike" ... especially considering the role of Tampa strip-club owner Dallas fit McConaughey like a bespoke G-string. All swagger and sweat, Dallas oozes sex appeal at every turn, making us wish we could look and touch. Let's just say our dollar bills are at the ready for an encore performance. — Amy Wilkinson

7. Django ("Django Unchained")

In a movie full of much showier roles, the quiet earnestness of Jamie Foxx's Django sets him apart from the rest in Quentin Tarantino's epic Southern. Facing off against an entire culture, Django plays the roles he needs to, even if that means betraying himself. His slow climb from slave to colossal western hero is one of the most rewarding transformations on the screen this year. — Kevin P. Sullivan

6. Selina Kyle ("The Dark Knight Rises")

We had little reason to believe that Anne Hathaway could actually pull-off Batman's feline foe; up until "The Dark Knight Rises" her biggest fight was getting Meryl Streep's coffee order right. Not only did Anne sell us as the seductive cat burglar Selina Kyle, she gave us even more depth as Catwoman. Granted she didn't fill out the black leather jumpsuit quite like her cat predecessor Halle Berry, but her dedication to the role proved she was the purrfect choice. — Rob Markman

5. Loki ("The Avengers")

Everyone likes a bad boy. We don't love them unless they give us reason to, which Loki did with such delightful deviousness and emotionally broken aplomb he nearly stole the show from Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The God of Mischief's lasting impression on us is due to the grandeur of his evil gestures (unleashing alien armies, eyeball extraction) as well as his brief moments of vulnerability. Rage, loneliness and jealousy, that's what perfect and potent supervillains are made of, a lesson learned thanks to the many talents and charms of actor Tom Hiddleston. It's no wonder the numbers in Loki's Army grow stronger by the day. — Kara Warner

4. Ted ("Ted")

How did Seth MacFarlane choose to portray the lazy, foul-mouthed, boy-that-won't-grow-up persona in a way that we can all relate to? In a booze-swilling, prostitute-loving teddy bear named Ted, that's how. At the root of the story is a man struggling to leave his hedonistic ways behind, but on the surface it is a conduit for MacFarlane to take stuffed animal humor farther than it ever has gone before — and probably ever will. Ted gives us quotable moments, spit-out-your-drink laughs, and makes everybody, everybody, think twice about where their parsnips come from. — Brendan Dempsey

3. Patrick ("The Perks of Being a Wallflower")

In a parallel universe, where the average age of an Oscar voter isn't 103 years old, Ezra Miller is a lock for a supporting actor Oscar nod. Back on our own planet earth, the 20-year-old rising star will have to be content with the knowledge that his portrayal of a gay teen having an affair with his school's closeted quarterback was as powerful as any on screen in 2012. Much credit, of course, goes to writer/director Stephen Chbosky, who also penned the novel on which the film is based, for dreaming up such a complex character. But I can't think of another young actor in Hollywood who could bring to life Patrick's many contradictions -- brimming with confidence one minute and deeply insecure the next, sometimes manically optimistic and sometimes overcome with a f--k-this-world fury -- with more truth and beauty than Ezra Miller. — Eric Ditzian

2. Katniss Everdeen ("The Hunger Games")

A much-needed antidote to the damsel-in-distress archetype, heroine Katniss Everdeen is a fierce fighter who doesn't think twice about taking her little sister's place in the film's titular death match — even though she has no delusions of surviving. But survive she does, putting her bow-and-arrow and cunning intellect to work, outwitting and outmanning her fellow tributes to emerge victor. A lesson to all you would-be dystopian dictators out there: never mess with the Girl on Fire — the odds will not be in your favor. — Amy Wilkinson

1. The Hulk ("Marvel's The Avengers")

We have an army of deserving contenders on our list of the Top 50 Movie Characters of 2012. In first place, we have a Hulk. Mark Ruffalo's performance, Joss Whedon's inspired writing and the groundbreaking work from the "Avengers" effects team joined together to make a Hulk that their predecessors could not: a wholly human, entirely relatable and impossibly bad-ass juggernaut of gamma-radiated awesome. No amount of archers, back-breakers or puny gods can stand between our giant green rage monster and his rightful place as the number one movie character of the year. And if you're angry about our choice, take it up with the big guy. After all, he can relate — he's always angry. — Josh Wigler

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