Has Justin Bieber Recruited Ed Sheeran For Acoustic Help?

Scooter Braun tweets about hanging with Sheeran in the studio, the same night Bieber recorded new music.

With Justin Bieber hard at work on his acoustic album, it looks like he's been inviting some A-list folks into the studio with him.

When he isn't busy playing ping-pong with Nick Jonas, it looks like Bieber might be hard at work with Ed Sheeran. Tuesday night, Bieber's manager Scooter Braun tweeted about Sheeran being in the studio with him the same night that Bieber happened to be working on the January 29 album release.

While there hasn't been any confirmation that Sheeran is helping Bieber out, Braun did share a photo of Sheeran by his laptop with the message, "Hashtag just saying." Sheeran later repeated Braun's message on his own Twitteraccount.

"I love tweeting people right next to me @edsheeran @ToriKelly hashtag just saying. And yes... I have no talent...why am I here," Braun wrote. "Not gonna lie. There is magic in the studio tonight. Truly honored to be here. Now back to the jokes."

A Sheeran/Bieber collaboration wouldn't be that out of the question. They have crossed paths on the Jingle Ball circuit this holiday season, and Sheeran has already penned hits for huge pop stars like One Direction and Taylor Swift.

While he may be working with the Biebs on his January album release, a collaboration with pals 1D and Swift doesn't look to be in the cards for the red-headed Brit. On Wednesday (December 19), he called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show and he shared, "I don't think you will [hear a collaboration with One Direction and Swift]. I hope not anyway, 'cause we all do such different things. I find that collaborations sometimes are overly forced and they're not supposed to work. You should only collaborate if a collaboration makes sense."

He noted that he did collaborate with Swift on her record because he says because it "made sense." And when asked if anything romantic ever brewed between the two of them while they were working on tracks for Red, he shared, "I'm a professional guy. I'm a very professional guy."

He also denied playing matchmaker for Swift and Harry Styles, adding, "She already knew them."