Odd Future Fan Files Police Report After Onstage Fight

MTV News obtains San Antonio Police Department report after 17-year-old victim claims OF beat him during a Texas concert.

Odd Future is a wild bunch, but has the Wolf Gang gone too far? That's the question after a 17-year-old concertgoer claimed to have suffered an onstage beat-down during an OF show in San Antonio, Texas.

Chassan Rafati filed a police report against Tyler, the Creator's band of musical misfits, alleging that members of the group left him scratched and bruised. Rafati apparently decided not to pursue assault charges, but he contacted police at the request of his attorney.

The incident took place during the group's December 8 show at the White Rabbit in San Antonio, and a grainy fan video of the fight shows a fan, assumed to be Rafati, jumping onstage, and then being rushed by several members of the hip-hop crew.

The teen didn't report the incident until Friday, six days after the altercation; by then he was said to have presented a responding officer with the YouTube clip of the beating. "A person could be observed jumping on stage but the assault could not be observed on camera," reads the police report issued to MTV News on Monday (December 17). (The officer also noted that he observed slight bruising to the right side of the victim's neck, as well as on his left arm, near his elbow.)

This isn't the first time the Los Angeles group has run into trouble at one of their shows. OF member Left Brain faced battery charges after he was accused of attacking a photographer during a concert in October 2011 at the Voodoo Experience festival in New Orleans. A couple of months later, in December, Tyler got into an altercation with a sound engineer at a Hollywood show.

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