Diamond White Has 'No Regrets' About Fifth-Place 'X Factor' Finish

Castoff says she 'wasn't surprised' by her elimination because she 'prepared for the worst.'

It's been a long journey for Diamond White on "The X Factor." After being eliminated (and subsequently brought back) early on, the young singer knew better than everyone else in the competition the feeling of being sent home. It was no surprise then that Diamond shared those sentiments when MTV News caught up with her for a post-elimination interview.

"I wasn't surprised because I don't really expect anything. I hope for the best but I prepare for the worst and I think that's pretty much how I got through the elimination because I prepared for the worst," said the always-upbeat White.

While being sent home in fifth place might not sound like the best of situations, White was nothing but positive during the show and in our interview — recalling Cher Lloyd's fifth-place exit on the U.K. version of the 'X Factor'.

"I was already prepared for the worst and do the whole process all over again but I knew that as soon as I made it to the top six I was like, 'I want to win, but just in case I get eliminated I'm going to be so happy with myself because winning was my first goal and getting fifth was my second,' " White said. "I was like, 'I'm just so happy that I made it to fifth.' It's just been an amazing experience so I'm really glad that I got to do this."

When asked what her best and worst memories on the show were, Diamond had nothing but great things to say about her time on the show.

"I left the show with no regrets, I wouldn't change anything but one of my best moments on the show I would say coming back, being the wild card. I think just hearing that call from Britney saying that "you've been eliminated but you're coming back," said Diamond about her initial elimination from the competition.

"That has been the highlight of my whole experience and I feel like I don't have a moment where I felt horrible about anything because everything went exactly how I wanted it to and I wouldn't change anything about that."

Whatever the future holds for White, she has the comfort of knowing the success that past contestants (such as Cher Lloyd and One Direction) have had in their careers. As she said on the show after her elimination, "I'll make sure to come back here with one of my hit songs and I'll perform for you guys."