B.o.B's Upcoming Rock EP Is 'A Good Canvas' For 'Phenomenal' Art

'I've been holding back so much rock for so long,' B.o.B tells MTV News about his upcoming rock EP.

B.o.B refuses to be put in your genre box, and for his next musical trick, Bobby Ray plans to rock out in a major way. The "Nothin' On You" hitmaker first spoke to MTV News of his upcoming rock project in May and on Friday, while walking the red carpet at Z100's annual Jingle Ball concert in New York, he opened up just a little more.

"I've been holding back so much rock for so long. I have been performing with my band for a while, so I guess this is a real good canvas for me to paint on," the rapper/guitarist said. "No one's really expecting anything so I can do what I want to do."

B.o.B first mentioned the yet-untitled project earlier this year, on his Strange Clouds track "Ray Bands." "I don't pop bottles, I got pop dollars/ And after Strange Clouds, I'ma drop my rock album," he spit.

What the Atlanta rapper didn't mention is that he is simultaneously working on his third rap LP. "My album is basically a continuation of The Adventures of Bobby Ray and Strange Clouds," he explained. "I feel like it kinda bridges the gap between where all my fans are and finally getting everybody up to speed on what my sound is and exactly where I'm going."

Bobby Ray has already built quite the reputation as one of rap's most talented hitmakers and one of its most creative as well. His "Strange Clouds" single with Lil Wayne cracked the top 10 in the Billboard Hot 100, while "Out of My Mind" with Nicki Minaj found B.o.B trading psychopathic bars with everyone's favorite Barb.

Though he dropped his sophomore release just six months ago, B.o.B has been working hard on his next couple of releases. "I think it's really gonna be a phenomenal album simply because I've been recording it for so long," he said of his third rap album. "When you record 10 songs to get seven good songs and then you record twice as many to get a hit, so when you just spend time with the music, it's inevitable."

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