'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer: The Villain Question Continues

Benedict Cumberbatch finally makes his debut, but his true identity still remains a mystery.

This morning, the first teaser for J.J. Abrams' super secretive sequel, "Star Trek Into Darkness," sent the Internet into a tailspin of nerdom, and probably left everyone with more questions than it answered. Benedict Cumberbatch's villain has been unveiled for all to see, but we are no closer to knowing his true identity. There are hints that a member of the Starship Enterprise may die, and Spock continues to hang out in a volcano.

With so many questions from such a short teaser, it's time to organize and handle the mysteries with logic, like Spock would have wanted.

The Villain

So much of the prerelease discussion about "Star Trek Into Darkness" can be summed up by three questions: "Who is Benedict Cumberbatch playing? Is he playing Khan? and Seriously, is he playing Khan?" As expected, this first teaser doesn't shed too much light on the answer to that question, but we finally see the "one man weapon of mass destruction" in action. While he doesn't seem all that destructive, he certainly seems capable of beating up some Klingons. Speaking of which...


There are Klingons in the teaser. The infamous race of warriors, teased by J.J. Abrams during a segment on the MTV Movie Awards, make a brief appearance in the preview. Whomever Cumberbatch is playing in the film apparently has some beef with members of the race, as we see him beat down on at least one Klingon with a big club or something. While we don't know how big of a role the Klingons will play in "Into Darkness," a hint of a "warzone" in the official synopsis has us curious.

Where Are the Stars?

Though we are interested by the wide range of terrains, we see (San Francisco, red grass planet, volcano), what has us slightly perplexed is the utter lack of scenes in space. There are plenty of earthly explosions and even a shot of the Starship Enterprise coming out of the water, but this is "Star Trek." We just kind of figured there would be stars.

The Alternate Ending

If you happened to check out the Japanese version of the teaser, you caught an extra 15 seconds or so of footage that should be intriguing to any Trekkie. The bonus scene shows two hands, one on either side of a plane of glass, which is a clear reference to the death of Spock in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan." Do we have our first true hint about the villain's identity?

What's Left for the Theatrical Trailer?

Don't run out of "Star Trek Into Darkness" enthusiasm just yet, because an even longer trailer is expected to premiere next week with "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" and the 9-minute IMAX prologue. Will we get a better look at Cumberbatch? Will more of the story come into view? Will there actually be some outer space footage? We'll have to wait and see.

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