Seth MacFarlane Wants You To Be A Part Of The Oscars!

Host announces 'The Oscar Experience College Search,' which will allow selected film students to appear live onstage at the awards show.

Have you ever dreamed of going to the Oscars? How about being a part of the ceremony itself? Well, Seth MacFarlane, the man of many hats and the host of the 85th Academy Awards, recently announced a way for you to do just that via "The Oscar Experience College Search."

Presented by the Academy and our friends at mtvU, the contest is designed to find the next generation of Oscar hopefuls — current college students who are interested in pursuing careers in film. If selected, they will have the opportunity to appear live onstage to deliver Oscar statuettes to telecast presenters. MacFarlane delivered the announcement directly to its target audience during a recent taping of his appearance on mtvU's "Stand In," for which the network followed the "Family Guy" creator to the UCLA campus to surprise a class full of students during Professor Denise Mann's "Overview of Contemporary Film Industry" course.

"Part of the goal with this year's Oscars is to broaden the audience and get viewers young and old and the like," MacFarlane told MTV News about the contest's genesis. "This is part of the effort to bring in a younger crowd, get them invested, get them engaged in the culturally important event that is the Academy Awards."

"The Oscar Experience College Search" will be featured on the Academy's Facebook page and will run through January 19, 2013. To enter, college students need to demonstrate they're destined for the Oscars by completing the Academy's entry form and uploading a video answering the question: How will you contribute to the future of movies?

Explain how you'll contribute to the future of movies by entering "The Oscars Experience College Search"!

What advice does MacFarlane have to offer the Oscar hopefuls to make their videos stand out?

"If you're into comedy, get some laughs. If you're a dramatic filmmaker, try to say something profound or make somebody feel something," he said. "It depends on what your particular field of expertise is."

Don't let the chance to be a part of "The Oscar Experience" pass you by. You have from now until January 19, 2013 to submit your video entry. And be sure to tune in to see what wisdom MacFarlane imparted upon a group of unsuspecting film students on "Stand In: Seth MacFarlane," which premieres on mtvU and on December 10 at 10 a.m. ET.