Carly Rae Jepsen Insists She's 'Stoked' To Be 27 But Look 17

The 'Call Me Maybe' singer opens up to Cosmopolitan about looking years younger than 27, her fun-size stature and finding love.

Carly Rae Jepsen first burst on the scene with her bubbly, tween-friendly anthem, "Call Me Maybe." The tune, and Jepsen's youthful appearance, had many fans pegging her as the latest teen sensation, right alongside her boss Justin Bieber.

Turns out though, Jepsen is far from being a teen. In fact, the Canadian songstress is well into her 20s. But, if you think it bothers her that she probably gets carded all the time, think again. "If people think I look younger, then that's great; I'm stoked. But I turned 27 in November, and when I look in the mirror, I see all of the years attached to that face, and I'm content with me," she tells the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

In the end though, Jepsen isn't trying to pass herself off as younger. She just happens to feel comfortable performing in youthful clothes and sporting her famous, age-defying bangs. "I love being classy and as elegant as possible in my apartment. But when I'm onstage, I can't dance in 4-and-a-half-inch heels, so I'll generally sport flats," she continued about her young look. "I'm 5 feet 2, so yeah, I'm going to look a little bit more playful. But I don't think that means I'm trying for an age younger than I am."

Then, there's also an interest in her love life, considering that she skyrocketed to fame with a song about picking up a guy, the aforementioned "Call Me Maybe." But she's no longer handing out her number to potential beaus. She's found love with fellow musician, Matthew Koma. The twosome met while working on her current single, "This Kiss," along with a very famous Party Rocker who may have nudged the romance along.

"[LMFAO's] Redfoo is our Cupid — a cupid in zebra-print pajamas! Foo's awesome," she said of the match-up. "He ended up introducing me and Matthew."

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