50 Cent Explains Toasting 10 Years Of Get Rich With Street King Immortal

But Fif tells MTV News fans shouldn't 'play both albums next to each other and say, 'Which track do I like better?'

Hard to believe that it's been almost a decade since 50 Cent crashed the rap world with his meteoric debut LP, Get Rich or Die Tryin', but on February 6, 2013, Fif's sonic baby will hit the 10-year mark. So how does the G-Unit juggernaut plan to celebrate? By releasing his fifth solo album, Street King Immortal, of course.

5-0 won't hit the anniversary on the head though. On Tuesday (November 27), he tweeted that Street King will actually drop on February 26. That release dates comes not long after MTV News sat with him and buddy Eminem on the Detroit set of FIf's "My Life" video, where he assured us that the oft-delayed album would come in the same month as his seminal LP: "February, definitely; I don't want to miss that so it won't go past February."

Who could forget such unforgettable tracks as the infectious "In Da Club," the dark and menacing "Many Men" or the rambunctious album-opening "What up Gangsta"? Both danger-filled and sonically refreshing, it's no wonder Fif's first shot sold millions of copies. Still, Street King is no Get Rich retread, and he doesn't want his fans to treat it as such.

"Hold me to the greater quality," he urged fans who'll be tempted to compare Street King to Get Rich. "Don't hold me to the exact content, don't hold me to the production, don't play both albums next to each other and say, 'Which track do I like better?' "

The rap vet went on to point out how much he's grown in the years since he started releasing major-label LPs. "Just listen to the actual project itself and you'll see the growth and how I'm seasoned," he said. "I'm 10 years in now. I'm not under any circumstances in a position that I'm not comfortable or able to function in any area of entertainment at this point."

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