Mumford & Sons Begin Work On Babel Follow Up

'We got a couple of tunes ... [but] they need work,' band says of writing new material while on the road in support of Babel.

Mumford & Sons may still be living in a "constant state of surprise" over the continued success of their Babel album, but that doesn't mean they're not already thinking about the follow-up.

Yes, much like the two-year process that birthed Babel, Mumford have begun using their time on the road to work on brand-new songs, a process that's admittedly pretty slow, but is beginning to bear fruit.

"We're changing it up; we've spent a couple of years really hitting it hard, and we've come to a point where we're like 'We've really got to spend more time rehearsing.' And we did that a couple days ago, and it was great," Winston Marshall told MTV News. "We got a couple of tunes out of it, they need work, but, it's quite a difficult thing when you start touring; you play a lot less music than when you're in your bedroom alone. So we're trying to battle against that. We want to set up a little music room; because we're playing bigger rooms [now], there's bigger space backstage for that kind of stuff. We're trying to work it out; we want to do more."

And, on their seemingly endless stretch of shows (they're currently booked until April), Mumford & Sons will continue to work on new material, perhaps even working a few sketches of songs into their set. It's the way they've always operated, and they see no reason to mess with that formula.

"Songs live get a bit more aggressive; a bit more, you project them harder, they get quicker, and then, in reaction to that, other songs get a bit slower and a bit more contemplative and a bit gentler, because you're trying to balance out that adrenaline-fueled aggression," Marcus Mumford said. "It's how the songs take shape. Like 'White Blank Page' has progressively gotten faster as we've played it live, and a new song like 'Ghosts That We Knew' has slowed down; we're milking it."

And though they're adamant that Babel's success hasn't changed them, Mumford will admit that as they press on — and continue to work — they have been forced to alter their daily routine ... albeit just slightly.

"It's cool shifting our priorities on the road, from like, the top priorities obviously being Ping-Pong, and then eating, and then drinking, and then seeing people, and then the show, and then maybe rehearsing after that," Mumford laughed. "Our priorities are constantly shifting; you ask if we've changed as a band, we have probably, in that way."

"Yeah," Marshall deadpanned. "Now rehearsing is nearly as important as a gig."

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