Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Predicts Score Of Thanksgiving Game

'The final score will be 90-88,' Tyler says of Patriots Thanksgiving matchup against the Jets.

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler makes no attempt to hide his allegiance to the New England Patriots, though given his band's Boston roots, that shouldn't really come as much of a surprise. So when Pepsi came calling, asking Aerosmith to record an anthem for the Pats as part of their NFL Anthems series (Kelly Clarkson, Travie McCoy and Lenny Kravitz are just some of the other artists taking part, supporting their hometown teams with themes), Tyler automatically said "yes."

But what is rather surprising is the route their song, "Legendary Child - Patriots Anthem," took to being involved in the project. Not only did it serve as the lead single off Aerosmith's Music From Another Dimension! album, but, as it turns out, it's existed as a part of their arsenal for nearly 20 years ... albeit never as a fully formed song.

"'Legendary Child' was a little ditty that didn't make it on some other album, and I didn't write lyrics that I liked yet," Tyler told MTV News. "A lot of of songs we've done are licks that we wrote on tour, and didn't put down on tape until we got to a studio years ago ... it's a song that's had several different incarnations, but we finally wrote it the way we liked it.

"The lick is so severe, what Joe [Perry] wrote was so nuts that, when the NFL asked me to write something, it was so ridiculous, it just worked," he continued. "And the Patriots are our team; so I sat down with Joe and we wrote some pretty cool lyrics; we went down to the studio and we nailed it."

Tyler said it wasn't much of a challenge adapting the song's lyrics for the Patriots — "We just wrote it and I went 'F---, we nailed it," he laughed — though he did admit that there was some added pressure to writing an anthem for his team. Namely, he didn't want to jinx them in any way.

"I remember when [Patriots owner] Robert Kraft called me up and said 'Steven, my wife just passed away and she wanted you to sing, I'll send my plane,' I've said 'I'm there,'" Tyler said. "And he did, and I sang, and they won. And they're one of those teams where I dread the thought of ever singing and they lose, because I am a bit superstitious, but I love it when it goes my way."

And, since he's a die-hard Pats fan, we couldn't help but ask him for his take on the team's Thanksgiving-night matchup against the New York Jets. Not surprisingly, he's expecting the Patriots to win ... though his prediction of the final score might shock some.

"This will be the closest score ever imagined, but the Patriots are going to win," he said. "The final score will be 90-88."

Patriots or Jets? Let us know your picks for the Thanksgiving game in the comments below!