B.o.B Throws Middle Finger Up And Returns To His Roots On New Mixtape

MC talks to Mixtape Daily about getting back to his 'raw' beginnings on F--- Em We Ball.

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Headliner: B.o.B

Representing: Atlanta, Georgia

Mixtape: F--- Em We Ball

Real Spit: Don't let his chart-topping hits fool you, B.o.B is as raw an MC as any, and on his latest mixtape F--- Em We Ball,the ATL lyricist takes it back to the basics.

"Basically, the sound of this mixtape, I'm really getting back to my beginnings," Bob told Mixtape Daily of the tape that he dropped to celebrate his birthday on November 15. "A lot of people caught me on the mainstream end of things and just and a lot of people who first discovered me on my first album The Adventures of Bobby Ray, they didn't really get to see how raw I was."

Bobby Ray makes sure to provide plenty of reminders. "I say my mixtape better than your album/ How come? Really you was better off without one," he spits on the "Campaign," We Ball's opening song.

On "Still in This Bitch," B.o.B enlists producer Mike Will and partners with T.I. and Juicy J on a southern-fried dish complete with a kinetic beat, catchy chorus and, of course, grade-A lyrics. With songs like the #1 hit "Nothin' On You" and "Airplanes," the Grand Hustle rapper proved he can cross over, but that doesn't mean he lost he penchant for making underground music. Tracks like hard-hitting "Dynomite" or the dark and buzzing "Everythang" show Bob's ultimate range.

"They overlooked the fact that I'm from the east side of Decatur in Atlanta, Georgia. They overlooked the roots of where everything came from," he said. "I want to connect with people with this mixtape so the whole sound around We Ball is just about me doing what I wanna do. I gave the world two classic albums, I've shown people what I can do musically and now I'm just havin' fun doin' what I wanna do."

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